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Studio ELMÅ is a trade and furniture supply company. We equip all kinds of places - offices, showrooms, restaurants, hotels and basically everything which needs a new look and individual furnishing ideas. What distinguishes us from others: We can provide any item and are not bound to manufacturers. Flexibility and organization is our daily business.

The subject sustainability is very important to us. That is why we made it our business to support and promote the production of sustainable articles and manufacturers. We deal comprehensively with the subjects environmental awareness, production standards and value-based management.

With the opening of our first showroom in 2022, we can offer our costumers a wide-ranging selection of materials and articles to experience.



We don’t work alone. Together with our parent company Elbstrand & Mannschaft we realize projects that need more than just a new furnishing. The interior architects put your visions and wishes into practice. Together we will define new matching colors and materials, as well as the right floor plan and lightning.


To not make the furniture differ from this concept, we work closely together with the architects and as our offices are directly next to each other the cooperation is very easy.
Our clients profit from this connection a lot and can’t only expect our expertise in equipping, trade and logistics but also in the detailed planing and extensive concept developing.


Click here to have a look at Elbstrand & Mannschaft.


Currently we are looking for some new members to complete our team.

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